Fall 2020 Season

Fall 2020 Season

The Y.A.H.O.O. Youth Board is excited to launch its Fall 2020 work season.

The desire and need from senior residents for a lending hand is ever-present and Board members are currently working on operational changes to allow this to happen.  These changes will emphasize and prioritize safety for all participants in the continuing presence of COVID-19. 

Y.A.H.O.O.'s ability to clean yards this season is entirely dependent on winning the confidence of youth volunteers and their families, thereby securing enough volunteers to commit our help to homeowners.   

Operational changes will include:

- Parents will drop-off and pick-up their children at a pre-assigned work site/house rather than meeting at the shed.   

Volunteers will bring own mask and work gloves; both worn at all times 

- Work performed at least six feet apart.

- Workers may bring own rakes if they prefer

- The Board will try to create work teams, whereby the same teens work together each weekend rather than constantly intermixing over time.

- No interaction initiated with homeowner.

- All equipment cleaned immediately following work sessions.  Equipment will be rotated as much as possible (rakes used every other week rather than using the same rakes weekly).

- Pre-work 'wellness' check.

- At least one adult supervisor assigned to each work site.





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