Spring 2021 Season

Spring 2021 Season

The Y.A.H.O.O. Youth Board is excited to launch its Spring 2021 work season.

Y.A.H.O.O. will continue to emphasize and prioritize safety for all participants in the continuing presence of COVID-19.  Our success is entirely dependent on the careful and thoughtful cooperation of youth volunteers and their families.

We invite all youth and adult volunteers to sign-up on the Y.A.H.O.O. website for any of the five work days that you may be available to work; you are not making a specific commitment at this point.  For each work date that you express interest in, the Youth Board will send you an email several days prior to the work day inviting you to sign-up for a specific house.  At that point you make the commitment to work, and for a specific location.


Operational practices will be very similar to last fall:

  • We will not gather at the Y.A.H.O.O. shed.

  • Parents will drop-off and pick-up youth volunteers at their pre-assigned house.

  • Every volunteer, both youth and adult, will complete pre-work wellness form. 

  • Volunteers will bring their own mask and work gloves; both worn at all times. 

  • We will try to maintain six feet separation while working.

  • Workers may bring their own rakes, if they prefer.

  • No interaction initiated with homeowner.

  • The Youth Board will clean all equipment immediately following work sessions.




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