About Y.A.H.O.O.

The Town of Sterling Recreation Department’s Y.A.H.O.O. program brings the youth of our community together with our seniors through fun and service.

For five Saturdays in both the Spring and Fall, Sterling youth get together to assist seniors with light yard cleanup.  The program is ALL volunteer and completely supported through donations.

Our young adults join their friends at the Town Hall at 8:45 AM, select their own assignment, and then are shuttled to the work site by YAHOO adult volunteer “Drivervisors”.  (Adults who volunteer to drive and advise the youth volunteers.)

Y.A.H.O.O. is led by the “Youth Board”, consisting of ten youth leaders.  The Youth Board, (with assistance from adult board members,) coordinates, organizes, administers and schedules the program. 

All young adults, from grade 7 through 12, are invited to join Y.A.H.O.O.  You may volunteer by printing and mailing the volunteer form, or by submitting the electronic form on this site. 

Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer as a “Drivervisor,” however any adult willing to volunteer some time is enthusiastically invited. Even if you can only make one weekend, it would help out Y.A.H.O.O. greatly, we AWAYS need Drivervisors.    Drivervisors drive the youth volunteers to and from the work site, may assist with the light yard work, assist the Youth Leader, and (the BEST part) walk away with a wonderful sense of community and pride in the youth of our community! 


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